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The warning tape has the advantages of water-proof, moisture-proof, weather resistant, anti-corrosio

source: time:2019-09-17 17:50:11

Warning tape is waterproof, moisture-proof, weather resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-static and other advantages, suitable for anti-corrosion protection of air pipes, water pipes, oil pipelines and other underground pipelines.

1. Strong viscosity, can be used for ordinary cement ground

2. Compared with painting on the ground, the operation is simple

3. It can be used not only on the common ground, but also on the wood floor, tile, marble, wall and machine (while the paint on the ground can only be used on the common ground)

4. The paint can not draw two-color line specifications: 4.8cm wide, 21m long, 1.2m2 in total; 0.14mm thick

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