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Domestic packaging machinery should take the road of innovation

source: time:2019-09-17 11:58:14

Domestic packaging machinery should take the road of innovation

The technological innovation ability is weak, the technological progress is slow, the new product development has not fundamentally got rid of the situation of imitation research and tracking, and the R & D investment is small. The mode of economic growth is extensive, the profitability of products is low, and the competitiveness is not strong. Economic growth and efficiency improvement are still mainly driven by scale, and there is a certain gap between the consumption of energy, labor and other resources and the advanced level. There are still some packaging machinery enterprises whose management is extensive and refined, market awareness, competition awareness and crisis awareness are not strong, and the awareness of serving the market and customers, as well as the sense of urgency and responsibility for development are not strong

Faced with so many adverse factors, domestic packaging machinery should take the road of innovation to speed up the pace of development. It is suggested to innovate in the following aspects:

(1) innovative business philosophy. Innovation of business philosophy, including scientific and technological innovation, service innovation, enterprise culture innovation, leadership innovation, incentive innovation, etc., conforms to the development of the times, and only innovation can develop.

(2) the packaging machinery industry should promote fine management. We will comprehensively carry out refined management activities with the "five transformations" as the central content, and promote the improvement of the basic management level of enterprises.

(3) packaging machinery industry should establish a good image of packaging machine with good faith. Market economy is not only a legal economy, but also a moral economy, and also a credit economy. If the enterprise's credit is not good, it will be eliminated in the ruthless market competition. The most simple and practical way is to pay attention to the credit in the marketing activities. The credit is the guarantee of an enterprise's management and it will bring profits to the enterprise.

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