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The function of protective film is to put a layer of film on the physical objects we want to protect

source: time:2019-09-17 17:46:04

The function of the protective film is to put a layer of film on the physical objects we want to protect. Now there are ar antireflection film, Ag frosted antireflection film, mobile phone mirror film, anti vision film, high-definition anti scratch film and other functional protective films in the world.

It originated in Japan. When the backlight of the main screen goes out, the protective film acts as a mirror. When the backlight is turned on, the text and image can be normally displayed through the film. The film is divided into 5-6 layers, and one of them is treated by aluminum evaporation. Use this layer to reflect the external light to realize the mirror function.

The main production was initially concentrated in Japan, the United States, Europe and other industrial developed countries. Due to the early development of industrialization in Europe and the United States, it entered into the requirements for surface protection of products earlier than in Asia, so as to reduce the loss of surface scratches encountered in the process of transportation, transportation, storage and even display of products from the factory to the market. European brands are unique in the protective film of rubber type glue, and the protective film of rubber type glue, due to its characteristics, is still a complex post-processing industry such as stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, and even some plastic parts up to now. In Japan, the development of non-toxic PVC material, PET material and AR material started earlier, and the technology is more advanced. Therefore, the development of mobile phone screen protector film in Japan and South Korea is also relatively rapid. Japan and South Korea mainly produce high-end mobile phone protective film, and export PVC, pet and AR materials to foreign countries. As a big consumer of mobile phones, mainland China has a lot of production and sales of screen protective film for mobile phones. After several years of development, it has been able to produce high-end protective film. Although there is still a certain gap from Japan's protective film, at present, there is a trend to completely replace Korean film. In recent years, Japanese and Korean protective film manufacturers have been put into production or established in mainland China A joint venture. In terms of the production of mobile phone film in China, it is mainly operated as a non main business of some tape factories, electronic material factories and protective film factories. There are few manufacturers specializing in the production of protective film, because the production and coating process of the original protective film are relatively complex, many technical aspects need to be broken through, and a good set of blow film and coating line has a high investment, so there are not many real manufacturers of protective film, and even fewer can make a good original film. Therefore, most of the factories only stay in the secondary and tertiary processing stage of the protective film, which belongs to the lower stage in the whole protective film industry chain. As far as the regional distribution is concerned, it is mainly distributed in Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhejiang, Shanghai and parts of Jiangsu. However, with the popularity of touch-screen mobile phones and the focus on 3G mobile phones, the protective film market has also attracted more attention from businesses. Many manufacturers also began to produce high-end protective film to meet the fashion pursuit of young people.

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