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Dongguan Dibao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan Dibao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the production of technology gifts and other products: PVC film has PVC environmental protection materials, colored transparent, colored photoresist, embossed calendered film, case and bag interior, clothing decoration accessories, medical and daily life manufacturing packaging materials; high-tech environmental protection materials TPU, color change, electroplating, heat transfer printing and other processes use special materials - used in shoes, bags, clothing and so on Packaging, automotive supplies, outdoor tents UV resistant, medical equipment, human use of safety and environmental protection products and materials.

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Common problem
  • ask Anti static war

    answer Anti static warning tape can be used for floor area warning,

  • ask The warning tap

    answer Warning tape is waterproof, moisture-proof, weather resistan

  • ask PVC modified pr

    answer PVC modified protective film solves the problems of heavy we

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